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ATEN 16-Port Dual Rail Touchscreen KVM Switch KL3116T

The KL3116T Dual Rail Touchscreen KVM Switch is an integrated LCD console and KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch that offers secure access to 16 attached computers with a dual USB or PS/2 interface, and mounts in only 1U of rack space. It features an independently retractable 17″ touchscreen LCD monitor and keyboard with built-in touchpad. To maximize space in your data center the keyboard “hides away” when not in use, while the thin profile LCD monitor reclines flush against the rack to enable continuous monitoring of computers.

  • Integrated KVM console with 17″ LCD monitor in a Dual Rail housing
  • Space saving technology – up to two consoles (sharing one bus) can control up to 16 computers
  • Touchscreen offers convenient operation without extending the keyboard module or using a mouse
  • Touchscreen on-screen icons enables quick and full operation of the OSD menu or apply hotkey functions
  • Supports touchscreen for control without drawing out the keyboard
  • Simple one-point and two-point touchscreen calibration including separate methods for calibrating the OSD (on-screen display) and attached computers with varying resolutions
  • Dual interface supports computers and KVM Switches with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
  • USB peripheral support for attached computers*
  • Conveniently located station and port selectors with LED displays to quickly switch to target Computers
  • Dual Rail housing is slightly less than 1U with top and bottom clearance for smooth operation in 1U of rack space
  • LCD module rotates up to 120 degrees for a more comfortable viewing angle
  • Console lock – enables the console drawer to remain securely locked away in position when not in use
  • Dedicated Hotkey Mode and OSD invocation Keys reduce the number of keystrokes and provide quick access to these functions
  • Daisy-chain up to 31 additional KVM switches** to control up to 512 computers
  • No software required
  • Extra console port – manage computers in the LCD KVM switch from an external console (monitor, USB or PS/2 keyboard and mouse)
  • Supports External USB mouse
  • Convenient computer selection via mouse-driven, intuitive OSD menus and hotkeys
  • OSD tree structure makes finding and managing computers easy
  • Dual Rail – LCD monitor slides independently of the keyboard/touchpad
  • Hot pluggable – add or remove computers without powering down the switch
  • OSD port list automatically expands when new stations are added
  • OSD screen automatically adjusts to resolution changes
  • Auto Scan mode enables continuous monitoring of user-selected computers
  • Broadcast support – commands from the keyboard can be broadcast to all available computers on the installation
  • Two-level password security – Administrator and up to four Users; only authorized users view and control the computers; separate profiles for each administrator/user password authorization for enhanced security protection; administrator access rights synchronized between first and chained stations
  • LCD power button helps save energy and prolong display’s life
  • DDC emulation – video settings of each computer are automatically adjusted for optimal output to the monitor
  • Standard 105-key keyboard
  • Keyboard status restored when switching computers
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation (PS/2 and USB) for smooth switching and simultaneous booting of multiple computers even when the console focus is elsewhere
  • Superior video quality – supports resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
  • Two types of logout: manual and timed
  • Firmware upgradable

    * Supports USB peripherals for computers connected to the local station
    **Compatible KVM switches: ACS1208A, ACS1216A, CS1708A, CS1716A, KH1508A,KH1516A, KH0116

    Rack Mounting Kit Depth
    2X-010G (Long/Optional) 68cm – 105cm
    Short (Standard) 42cm – 77cm
    Easy Installation
    Rack Mounting Kit
    2X-012G (Long/Optional) 68cm – 105cm
    2X-011G (Short/Optional) 57cm – 70cm

    More information about “Easy Rack Mounting”…

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