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ATEN 16-Port Guardian Over the NET™ GN0116

The GN0116 Guardian Over the NET™ is designed to offer remote environment monitoring and management of your server room or critical systems. With its remote control and logical configuration features, powerful management capability and scalability, it enables you to build a safe and reliable environment for your server room or data center. An IT administrator is able to real-time monitor the status of the equipments or environment, identify and troubleshoot system problems at an early stage, thereby minimizing repair costs and guaranteeing 24/7 reliable server room/data center monitoring.

*Not Available in Europe

  • Remote environmental monitoring and control from any computer connected to the Internet
  • 6 Analog inputs and 2 Digital inputs support environmental sensors, including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, intrusion, smoke, leakage, flow, vibration, etc.
  • 8 Digital outputs support alarm devices, including buzzer, light, SMS sender, etc.
  • 8 programmable AC outlets support remote power control
  • Daisy-chain up to 255 additional stations and manage all installed devices in master GN0116 UI
  • Modem support for OOBC management
  • System configuration and data center environmental monitoring via embedded web UI, ssConsole* and Guardian Monitor Center software
  • Remotely toggle Power outlets or Digital output ports on/off
  • Monitor Refresh Frequency Setting – set screen refresh time intervals and devices status update frequency
  • Logical Configuration
    • Configurable event trigger threshold or condition for input ports
    • Configurable relationship and operation logic between input ports and output ports
    • Automatic event triggering when threshold has been exceeded
    • Automatically enable output port to execute pre-defined operation without human intervention or 3 rd party software involvement
  • Embedded web UI supports 1 Administrator and 4 Users accounts
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • UL/TUV approved

    Guardian Monitor Center Software

  • An intuitive, user-friendly GUI for managing and monitoring all GN0116s and network connected devices via single web UI
  • Display I/O port value & status in web UI and refresh according to pre-defined time interval
  • Power on/off operation executed via a single mouse click in web UI
  • Stored historical I/O port data can be displayed via time-based graph chart or exported via .CSV file
  • I/O port threshold or condition, severity and automatic control logic configured via web UI
  • Event notification sent via SMTP server
  • Event log displayed by Category, Device and Severity, and offers search, filter and export (.CSV file) functions
  • Back up and restore user system configuration settings
  • Multilevel user management defines roles and controls access to GN0116 units – System Administrator, Device Administrator, User, Auditor
  • Advanced password rules ensure users create strong passwords
  • Stringent login policy features to govern multiple concurrent user logins that include: Multiple User Login Disabled, Password Expiration Enabled, Login Failure Enabled Login String setting for enhanced security – entry login string along with IP address when user logs in
  • IP filtering lets you control who has access to your GN0116 devices
  • End session feature – administrators can terminate running sessions for security reasons

    * ssConsole (Serial Server Console) is an application program provided with the GN0116 (for Windows environment only).

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