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ATEN 16-Port High-Density KVM Switch KH0116

The entry level series of ALTUSEN High-Density KVM switches are offered in 16 computer port configurations with a 1U high housing for convenient rack mounting. They allow administrators to control multiple computers from a single KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) console. All switches are capable of expansion to provide control of up to hundreds of computers from the original single console for a flexible and economical solution for server room administration.

  • A single PS/2 console controls up to 16 computers
  • Remote Console Operation – control your system from the remote PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and monitor consoles
  • Cat 5e cable to connect the KH0116 and remote units (KA9250)
  • Dedicated chain ports – daisy chain up to 31 additional units – control up to 512 computers from a single console
  • No software required – convenient computer selection via Hotkeys and intuitive On Screen Display (OSD) menus
  • No need for manual DIP switch setting – autosensing of station positions for daisy chained installations
  • LED indicates station’s position
  • Auto Scan Mode enables continuous monitoring of user-selected computers
  • Hot Pluggable – add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
  • Two level password security – only authorized users view and control the computers – up to four Users plus an Administrator – separate profi les for each
  • Port names automatically reconfi gured when station sequence is changed
  • Superior video quality – resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536 -each port supports DDC2B
  • Multiplatform support:Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Unix and FreeBSD.
  • For more information about KVMs which can connect to KH0116, see Compatible KVM Table
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Computer Connections
Direct 16
Maximum 512 (via Daisy-chain)
Port Selection Hotkey, OSD
Console Ports 1 x 6-pin Min-Din Female (Purple)
1 x HDB-15 Female (Blue)
1 x 6-pin Min-Din Female (Green)
KVM Ports 16 x SPHD-15 Female (Yellow)
Daisy Chain Ports 1 x DB-25 Female (Black)
1 x DB-25 Male (Black)
Firmware Upgrade 1 x RJ-11 Female (Black)
Remote Console 1 x RJ-45 Female (Black)
Power 1 x 3-Prong AC Socket
Reset 1 x Semi-Recessed Pushbutton
Power 1 x Rocker
Firmware Upgrade Recovery 1 x Slide
Remote Console 1 x Locking Pushbutton
Online 16 (Green)
Selected 16 (Orange)
Power 1 (Blue)
Station ID 2 x 7 Segment (Orange)
Keyboard / Mouse PS/2
Video 2048 x 1536; DDC2B
Scan Interval 1-255 Seconds
Maximum Input Power Rating 100-240V AC; 50/60Hz; 1A
Power Consumption 120V/8W; 230V/8W (Max.)
Operating Temperature 0 – 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 – 60°C
Humidity 0-80% RH, Non-Condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Metal
Weight 3.56 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 43.70 x 21.00 x 4.40 cm