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ATEN 2-Console 16-Port Matrix™ KVM Switch KM0216

ALTUSEN matrix KVM switches from ATEN provide a revolutionary new way for IT administrators to maximize efficiency while managing mission-critical servers. Designed for corporate server rooms, matrix KVM switches feature multiplatform support both for servers and consoles. Matrix KVM switches allow a diversity of consoles to independently and simultaneously access servers. By combining ALTUSEN KVM adapter cables and console modules with a matrix KVM switch, previously incompatible console and server platforms interface flawlessly. And for the continually expanding server room, these KVM switches cascade and daisy chain to accommodate thousands of servers.

  • Two consoles independently and simultaneously control up to 16 directly connected servers
  • Daisy chain up to 7 additional matrix KVM switches*
  • Cascade up to 16 compatible KVM switches from each station on the chain*
  • Up to 16 consoles control all of the servers on a daisy chained/cascaded installation
  • Compact design – rack mounts in 1U of rack space
  • Multiplatform support: PC, Mac, Sun and serial
  • Console conversion – any type of console can control any type of server – mixed combinations (PS/2 & USB) supported on both the console and server sides
  • No software required – convenient computer selection via intuitive hotkey combinations or On Screen Display (OSD) menus
  • Auto Scan feature for monitoring user-selected servers
  • Supports three-level user access control (Super Administrator, Administrator, and User)
  • Superior video quality – 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz for up to 150m; 1920 x 1440 @ 60Hz (distance depends on installation environment)*
  • Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) assures optimum video resolution for distances up to 150m between the switch and the consoles or servers – no DIP switch setting required
  • Free lifetime flash firmware upgrades
  • Auto-sensing of station’s position on daisy chain installations – OSD and front panel LED indicates station’s position
  • Port names are automatically reconfigured when the station sequence is changed
  • Multiplatform support:Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac, Unix, SUN and FreeBSD.
  • For more information about KVMs which can connect to KM0216, see Compatible KVM Table

    *The supported extension distance, video quality, cascaded levels, and number of supported daisy-chained units may differ, depending on your installation environment.

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