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ATEN 8-Port Cat 5 High Density KVM Switch KH2508

Altusen KH2508 Cat 5 High Density KVM Switch offers 8 computer port configurations within a 1U housing for convenient rack mounting and complete KVM connectivity with one slim Cat 5e/6 cable. It allows IT administrators to control multiple computers from a single KVM (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) console. The switch is capable of expansion to provide complete control of 512 computers from both consoles for a flexible and affordable solution for SMB server room administration.

  • Two consoles independently and simultaneously control up to 8 directly connected computers
  • Cascade up to 3 levels of KH2508 switches to support up to 512 computers
  • Non-blocked cascading allows both consoles on the master switch to access up to 128 computers
  • Superior video resolution – 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz up to 40 m; 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz up to 30 m
  • Console conversion – any type of KVM console can control any type of computer; mixed combinations (PS/2 & USB) supported on both the KVM console and computer sides
  • Multiplatform support – PC, Mac, Sun, and serial
  • Connect USB flash drives for configuration backup and restore
  • Easy Installation – Simply plug in the cables. No software to configure; no complex installation routines
  • Simple Space-saving Cabling – Cat 5e/6 reduces cable bulk by providing complete KVM connectivity in one cable
  • Supports two-level user access control
  • Supports up to 96 user accounts
  • Configure port access rights for users on a port-by-port basis
  • Diversified port operation mode enables flexible computer management – Occupy, Exclusive and Share modes
  • OSD port list automatically expands when stations are added
  • Port names are automatically reconfigured when the station/computer sequence is changed
  • OSD screen automatically adjusts to resolution changes
  • Auto Scan mode enables continuous monitoring of user-selected computers
  • User activity log support
  • Dual Interface – supports computers and consoles with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
  • USB / PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation – computers boot even when the KVM console focus is elsewhere
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades
  • Compact design
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