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ATEN ATEN Control System – Compact Control Box Gen. 2 with Dual LAN VK1200

VK1200, ATEN’s second-generation Control Box, boasts the highest performance processor within the series. Equipped with a quad-core CPU and 2 GB / 1 GB memory, VK1200 provides real-time response and status updates and can process complex, high-loading events with customized GUI designs, as well as multiuser access control to connected devices. VK1200 features dual, isolated LAN ports – Control LAN and LAN. The Control LAN allows managed devices to be securely protected within a separate network, independent from the corporate network, for fulfilling high-security and stability demand. On the other hand, the LAN can be connected to ATEN Unizon, a centralized platform streamlining daily AV / IT management, which provides users with the convenience to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain multiple systems all at once.

  • VK1200 Control Box with Dual LAN
    • High performance processor embedded with quad-core CPU and 1 GB memory for designing and controlling complex projects
    • Dual, isolated LAN for secured communication among IT devices
    • Supports various interface connections for hardware-software integration and mobile device control
    • DC outputs for power supply connections
    • USB port for easy project upload
    • LCD display shows the option for configuration and information display
    • IR learning function for adding IR device drivers
    • Supports native KNX IP for building management systems
    • Telnet, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, ONVIF, and PJLink compliant
    • Supports centralized control and management by ATEN Unizon™.
    • Supports project file backup
    • Web GUI for easy system configuration
    • Supports SSH communication for data monitoring
    • LED indication of connection and hardware status
    • 2 free licenses for mobile control*

      Note: If you require more than 2 licenses, contact the local sales representative. For more information on licenses, see Specifications.

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Flash 8GB
Serial • 1 x Programmable Bi-directional RS-232/422/485 Port
(1 x 5-Pole Terminal Block Connector, configurable via pin assignments);
 – Baud Rate: 300 to 115200 (default: 9600);
 – Data Bit: 8 (default) or 7;
 – Stop Bit: 1 (default) or 2;
 – Parity: None (default), Even or Odd;
 – Flow Control: None (default) or RTS/CTS
• 1 x Bi-directional RS-232 Port
(1 x 3-Pole Terminal Block Connector);
 – Baud Rate: 300 to 115200 (default: 9600);
 – Data Bit: 8 (default) or 7;
 – Stop Bit: 1 (default) or 2;
 – Parity: None (default), Even or Odd
IR/Serial • 2 x Programmable IR / Uni-directional RS-232 Port
(2 x 2-Pole Terminal Block Connector);
IR: TTL level (0 to 5 V)
– Carrier Frequency: 10KHz~455KHz;
Serial: Uni-directional RS-232 (0 to 5 V)
– Baud Rate: 300 to 115200 (default: 9600);
– Data Bit: 8 (default) or 7;
– Stop Bit: 1 (default) or 2;
– Parity: None (default), Even or Odd
Relay • 4 x Relay Channel (2 x 4-Pole Terminal Block Connector);
• Normally open, isolated Relays;
• Contact Rating: Max 24 VDC, 2A
I/O • 2 x Programmable Digital Input / Output Channel
(1 x 3-Pole Terminal Block Connector);
Digital Output:
300 mA sink from 24 VDC
Digital Input:
 – VDC Mode
Input Voltage Range: 0 to 24 VDC;
Programmable Range: 1 to 24 VDC;
 – Dry Contact Mode
Pull-up 2k ohms to + 12 VDC
Ethernet • 2 x RJ-45 Female, 10/100/1000Base-T
• Supported Protocol: ARP, ICMP, TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTPS, SSH
Control LAN:
• Support DHCP Server
• DHCP mode – The following default IP settings will be used if no IP is assigned within 30 seconds:
Subnet Mask:
• DHCP mode – The following default IP settings will be used if no IP is assigned within 30 seconds:
Subnet Mask:
VDC • 1 x 12 VDC Output Port (1 x 2-Pole Terminal Block Connector);
• Power Supply: 12 VDC, 1A Max
USB 1 x USB Type A
Power 1 x On/Off Switch
IR Learning 1 x IR Receiver LED
Panel Spec
Size 1.6″
Resolution 128X64
Select 3 x Pushbuttons (Up, Down, Enter)
Reset Button 1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
Power Consumption AC110V:4.7W:81BTU
Maximum Input Power Rating Internal Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Operating Temperature 0 – 50°C
Storage Temperature –20 – 60°C
Humidity 0 – 80% RH, Non-Condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Metal
Weight 1.23 kg ( 2.71 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20.00 x 16.41 x 4.40 cm
(7.87 x 6.46 x 1.73 in.)
Basic (free) 2 free licenses
Max. No. Allowed 32 licenses
Note The ATEN Control Box comes with two free licenses which are stored in the device itself. Each time a mobile device connects to an ATEN Control Box for remote control, one license on the Control Box will be occupied. To purchase and add additional licenses to your ATEN Control Box, contact your local sales representative for more information.