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ATEN Capacitive Leakage Sensor EA1540

The EA1540 Capacitive Leakage Sensor can automatically detect and notify users of any liquid in close proximity with the connected PDU. When any liquid is detected, the EA1540’s beeper sounds, and its red LED lights up, calling for immediate attention and response, thereby effectively decreases the risks of damages to both the PDU and powered devices. It is ideal for PDU installation environments such as subway data centers located underground.

  • Highly reliable – instantaneous liquid detection and alert
  • Anti-interference – avoids external signals from affecting its normal operations
  • Durable – built with corrosion-resistant material
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Protection IP-66
Physical Properties
Housing PP
Cable Type 3Φ/3c-2m(22AWG)
Insulation strength 100 MΩ / 500VDC
Dielectric strength 2.5kv per minute
Ripple of power 10﹪peak to peak
Operating voltage 10 ~ 30VDC
Current Consumption 20 mA max.
Output method NPN
Output status NO
Output current 150mA max.
Leakage current 0.1mA max.
Residual voltage 0.1V max.
Protection circuit Short circuit & polarity reversed
Sensitivity adjuster 270° Trimmer