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ATEN Collaborate and Control Meeting Presentations with your mobile device ATEN Video Presentation Control App

The ATEN Video Presentation Control App is a free mobile app that supports iOS and Android operating systems. It provides direct and easy access to collaborate and control meeting presentations directly from one’s mobile device.

  • Multiple Login Options
    • Auto scan the local network for devices or use the QR code/room code to log in.

  • Bi-directional Wireless Streaming
    • Stream presentation content from your mobile device with ease or ‘Go Live’ to share content to participants located elsewhere.

  • Quad View with Auto Layout
    • Shows up to 4 streamed-in sources and dynamically adjusts the screen layout per the number of sources.

  • Advanced Collaboration Features
    • White Board: take notes or make annotations on any file in real-time.
    • Chat Room: allows participants to chat with each other or send files instantly.
    • Easily Switch Video Sources: drag and drop to route multiple video sources to multiple displays effortlessly.
    • Group Broadcasting : speak to remote participants using your own device.
    • Intuitive Control: wrapped in an intuitive user interface, this app allows for audio stream controlling, layout setting, and more.

      Note: The features that you have access to will vary depending on the models you are using. The models the app currently supports: ATEN VP1420, VP1421, VP2120, VP2730, and VP3520.

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OS Support Android version 8.0 or above recommend
iOS version 12 or above recommend